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JobShopQuotes MAC Machining Cost Estimation Software

Registring JobShopQuotes with OTP

OTP is “One Time Password” this will be sent to your registered email address. The video explains how to get OTP and register the software.

Updating Settings Page

The Software has a default Settings Page, the video explains on how to set the settings page. Without updating Settings Tab you cannot start using the Software.

Adding Customers

This video will explain how to add and modify Customers in JobShopQuotes MAC

Add Modify Projects and Parts

This video explains how to add and modify Projects and Parts in JobshopQuotes MAC

Working with JobShopQuotes MAC - Quick Learning

For Quick understanding of the Software we have added some help videos here this will help you to quickly understand the functioning and working of the software.

Add Modify Work centres/Machines

This video explains how to add and modify work centres or machinery to the Software