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JobShopQuotes MAC Machining Cost Estimation Software

Features of JobShopQuotes

Set-up Based Estimation Process

The    estimation    process    moves    exactly    in    the    pattern    how    you    will    be manufacturing   the   component   in   your   shop   floor.      This   gives   a   very   realistic picture of the estimate and ensures that nothing has gone missing.

Feature based input

As    the    estimation    moves    in    Machine    Set-up    and    Operations    based    format      minimum information needed to calculate the machining time. The   application   software   is   ready   with   32   machining   operations   used   in   our shop-floor.      If   requested   more   operations   can   be   covered   making   the   software more versatile.

Material Costing on Gross Material consumed

The software is ready with the following materials Bar Stock :   Round, Square, Rectangle, Hex Casting/Forging : Per Pc. Pipe :   Round, Square, Rectangle Profiles:   I Beam, C-Channel, Angle with   just   minimum   dimensional   inputs   its   possible   to   work   on   the   material costing.      The   end   piece   loss   in   Bundle   cutting   on   Bandsaw/Hacksaw   as   well   as during bar feeding operations on lathes is considered. The   program   also   has   over   800+   material   database   already   filled   in   for   ready use. Tool Library Database The   software   has   back   end   ready   to   build   your   very   own   Machine   Shop   Tool Library and use the Speed and Feed that you actually employ in your shop floor. Selection   of   the   right   tool   and   speed   feed   is   of   paramount   importance   as   this affects   your   time   estimates.      Also   Tool   manufacturers   data   is   showing   the optimum   values   that   the   tool   can   withstand,   but   in   reality   your   shop   floor   uses its own data to have most effective results. As   tool   data   selection   is   completely   based   on   the   machine   limitations,   work holding,    process    capability    and        tool    rigidity,    this    requires    experience    in selecting the right parameters.

Analysis of Estimates

Get   information   ready   to   negotiate   with   your   customers,   now   you   really   know what is your cost of manufacturing the component. The   software   has   the   feature   to   analyse   the   estimated   made   and   with   change   of Quantity,   Profit   Margins,   Rejection   %,   Profit   Amount   and   Sale   Price.      the   Graph gives you the results preparing to discuss with your customers.