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JobShopQuotes MAC

Part Machining Cost and Cycle Time

Estimation Software

JobShopQuotes   MAC   is   machined   parts   cost   and cycle    time    estimation    software    that    will    help machine    shop    to    generate    fast    and    accurate estimates. Anyone   with   basic   machining   knowledge   can   use this software to estimate accurate quotes.
JobShopQuotes MAC Machining Cost Estimation Software

Why do we need an Estimating Software

Making   profitable   and   real   time   estimates   is   very   essential   to   gain new business and retain existing customers. Providing   Estimates   and   responding   on   time   to   RFQ’s   provided   by clients is very essential. Most   of   the      Machine   Shop   Owners   are   busy   with   other   work   making it more hectic to make offers on time. Current   methods   are   time   consuming   and   requires   exclusive   working to prepare estimates. Last   but   not   the   least   making   offers   that   are   profitable   for   business is of paramount importance. Results….. Delays   in   responding   to   RFQ’s   on   time   make   most   of   the   machine shop owners to loose more work Sometimes   methods   of   costing   are   not   accurate   which   results   in either   loosing   business   as   the   offers   are   too   high   or   end   up   in gaining   business   where   the   profit   margins   are   very   minimum   to sustain. Are   your   clients   saying   “Yes   the   vendor   is   good   but   take   lot   of   time to   respond   to   estimates;   maybe   his   machine   shop   is   full   with   work, or   maybe   they   don’t   need   further   business;   lets   try   someone   who   is eager to work with us”. If   any   of   the   above   answer   is   yes   then   its   time   for   you   to   look   into your RFQ responding activity. JobShopQuote   MAC   can   help   you   to   reduce   your   response   time   in making   accurate   estimates   for   component   machining   industry      and add profits to your company.